A high-developed strap in a wide market

One key factor for effective packaging is definitely the quality of the strap.

Thanks to its knowledge and experience since 1999, ITISTRAP provides a complete range of polyester straps for different industrial applications.

Our production process is equipped with advanced control technologies, in order to guarantee the best quality from the raw material to the final product.

Our PET straps are produced 100% from recycled polyester and, moreover, are 100% recyclable.



According to different Studies, during the industrial process, virgin polyester loses about 15% – 20% of its Intrinsic Viscosity; therefore, it is very challenging to maintain the same mechanical properties in the final product starting from polyester strap?

How do we guarantee such high tensile strength and reliable joint efficiency using recycled material?

The answer is in the way we treat recycled material.

A special advanced technology  allows us to reach an index of Intrinsic Viscosity 20% higher compared to virgin polyester.

Instead of using virgin polyester, ITISTRAP saves 75% CO2 emission by using a high-quality of recycled material.

Except for the 20 kg standard format, we provide a variety of jumbo coil formats:

JUMBO 70 (semi-jumbo) mm 406 (width) mm 190 x
external diameter mm 780-
70 kg – meters quantity: 3
times the quantity of a
regular coil
JUMBO 150 (super-jumbo) mm 406 x (width) mm 250 x
external diameter mm 950-
150 kg – meters quantity: 7
times the quantity of a regular coil
JUMBO 300 (iper-jumbo) mm 406 x (width) mm 305 x
external diameter mm 950-
300 kg – meters quantity: 14-
15 times the quantity of a regular coil


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