Key factor to ensure safety during the transport

A key factor to ensure safety during the transport of goods is packaging and its components. Therefore, the stability of the package is provided by an effective and professional strapping system.
What really defines a great endurance of packaging is tensioning and quality of straps’ material. Since every material has specific needs, ITISTRAP guarantees the best solution according to different requirements.
A problem experienced during the transportation is splitting: it appears as a lengthwise breaking of the strap, caused mainly by its impact on the package during a violent application. Another reason can be a sharp-edged material (such as bricks). Moreover, a harsh climate can provoke a polyester stiffening, affecting its flexibility.
As a consequence, ITISTRAP studied a product with specific raw materials and additives that guarantee an excellent splitting resistance.
ITISTRAP FLEXTER polyester strap is characterized by reduced relaxation and almost 100% joint efficiency.
This type of strap has been designed for the most challenging applications, such as glass bottles, bricks, or aluminium ingots.

The FLEXTER strap measures from 8 to 32 mm and from 0,4 up to 1,52 mm of gauge.

The main applications:
Bricks 8 mm
Glass bottles 11-12 mm
Bricks and blocks 16 mm
Wooden panels 16 mm
Concrete blocks 16 mm
Aluminium ingots and other metals 16-19 mm
Steel 25-32 mm

Designed for battery and pneumatic strapping machines, a suitable product is STANDARD STRAP. What is different from FLEXTER STRAP is the lack of anti-split additives; however, this strap provides high tensile strength and flexibility.
Because of reduced relaxation and great joint efficiency, this strap can be applied to different materials: PET bottles, cans, chipboards, and concrete blocks.

The STANDARD strap measures goes from 8 to 19 mm and from 0,4 up to 1,27 mm of gauge.

The main applications:
Chipboard 9-12 mm
PET bottles 9-12 mm
Empty cans 9-12 mm
Ceramic 9-12 mm
Wooden panels 9-12 mm
Concrete blocks 9-12 mm

Another solution provided is TEXTER STRAP, designed for specific applications. This product is characterized by low elongation (12-14%) and high tensile strength, in order to ensure excellent results.

The main applications:
Fibre bales 9-12 mm
Cotton bales 9-12 mm

To discover more about ITISTRAP products and their technical details, have a look at —> OUR CATALOGUE.


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